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Rookies Division

Description: The Rookies Division is an instructional league for 2nd and 3rd grade girls.  This division continues to expand on the basic fundamentals of softball while introducing the girls to more advanced rules that were not taught in the Beginners Division. This is a semi-competitive division,  where scores and standings are kept, and there are playoffs (every team advances to the playoffs) and a championship game.  Every player is introduced to every position in the field, and every girl gets the opportunity to play in the field for the entire game.

Rules Summary: Standard 11 inch softball is used in this division.  Games are coach pitch.  Games are official after 3 1/2 innings (if home team is leading) or 4 innings is home time is tied or behind.  Games may last up to 5 innings and last approximately 1 1/2 hours.  Each half inning ends after 3 outs or 5 runs score.  There are no walks but players can strike out after 5 swinging strikes.  

Time:  Games are held on Saturdays between 9:00 and 5:00 and occasional games are played on weeknights.  Practices are held for 1 hour on a  weeknight between 5:30 and 7:30.  A team's practice night and time is determined in March and is based on the availability of the coaches.

Players may have the opportunity to take part in separate pitching clinics (for an additional charge), where they are introduced to the fundamentals and technique of pitching.  These clinics give the girls a head start to help prepare them for the opportunity to pitch in games when they reach the Minors Division.


2016 Rookies Division Rules